"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware." - Alan Kay


Arduino,Raspberry Pi, PIC Microcontroller, ARM, FPGA, Blackfin, SHARC processor development

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Experimental software development for Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Mobile HTML5 Web platform

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Connected Electronics, Internet of Things, OS, Hardware Design, Wearable Tech, Microcontroller Interfacing.

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Data Acquisition, Embedded Networks, Geo Location Development, Audio Research, PCB Design,CAD Simulation

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R&D Hardware Projects

SHARC DSP - Part 1

Hold your horses now, :) Part - 1 Coming Soon...

DIY DC Electronic Load Part - 1

A programmable load is a type of test equipment or instrument which emulates DC or AC resistance loads normally required to perform functional tests of batteries, power supplies or solar cells. By virtue of being programmable, tests like load regulation, battery discharge curve measurement and trans...

DIY DC Electronic Load Part - 2

  The heart of my diy programmable electronic load uses a PIC24FJ128GB210 16-Bit Flash Microcontroller, the reason I used the Microchip platform came down to "junk box availability" ease of use, coupled with the fact that generally the Microchip PIC's is fairly easy to use/pro...

SHARC DSP - Part 2

Hold your horses now, :) Part - 2 Coming Soon...  

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