IoT Bluetooth Node

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, staying connected and efficient is more critical than ever. Enter Hupa, the pinnacle of IoT long-range Bluetooth nodes, designed to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of modern technology. Hupa isn’t just a product; it’s a revolution in how devices communicate, analyze, and perform in real-time, anywhere and anytime.

Hupa is engineered to push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering a robust set of features that cater to a broad spectrum of applications. From industrial environments to smart homes and everything in between, Hupa’s advanced capabilities ensure seamless integration and superior performance. Whether you’re developing cutting-edge solutions for the industrial sector, creating smart home devices, or exploring innovative consumer electronics, Hupa is the versatile, reliable, and powerful solution you’ve been searching for.

Designed with precision and built for excellence, Hupa empowers you to harness the full potential of IoT. Its state-of-the-art components and forward-thinking design make it a cornerstone for any project that requires extensive connectivity, intelligent processing, and energy efficiency. Join us in ushering in a new era of IoT connectivity with Hupa.

Key Features:

  • 18650 Battery Support with USB-C Charging: Enjoy long-lasting power and effortless charging. Hupa is designed to support the versatile 18650 battery, ensuring extended operational life. With USB-C charging, powering your device has never been more convenient and efficient.
  • Microphone Support with External Flash Memory: Capture and retain important audio data with Hupa’s integrated microphone support. Paired with external flash memory, Hupa offers extensive memory retention capabilities, perfect for applications requiring prolonged data storage and high-quality audio recordings.
  • Edge AI Capabilities: Empower your devices with smart, on-device processing. Hupa supports Edge AI, enabling real-time data analysis and decision-making without relying on cloud connectivity. This feature ensures faster response times and enhances privacy and security for your applications.
  • Nordic 52 Series with Inherent Low Power Modes: Built around the renowned Nordic Semiconductor NRF 52 series, Hupa delivers exceptional performance with ultra-low power consumption. Benefit from the inherent low power modes, making Hupa the ideal solution for battery-sensitive applications, ensuring longevity and reliability.